Megabillig 2 | Gabriela Jolowicz(Lubok)

Megabillig 2 | Gabriela Jolowicz(Lubok)

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Artist book with 24 black and white original woodcuts by Gabriela Jolowicz

28 pages

37 x 24 cm

edition of 300
Released 09/2021
ISBN 978-3-945111-72-7


Gabriela Jolowicz lives in Berlin. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig with Volker Pfüller and Thomas Müller, where she finished in 2010 as Meisterschülerin. In woodcuts she reflects on her impressions of the present. The historic book arts, especially the icon painting, hereby serve as her source, her sample, her source book from which she cites freely. She is currently teaching at UdK Berlin and HfK Bremen.


»She is a master in transforming images from our everyday lives into this ancient print technique. Phone screens, beer bottles, piles of trash magazines and books are arranged in multidimensional still life scenes. Identifiable are site specific places like a Salzgitter bar, the insides of an InterCity train, the artists desk in her studio in Berlin or a British street scene (Swindon, UK?). Jolowicz carves precise detailed interior spaces and the people who inhabit them. Even the bar code of a beer can would still be working if one would scan it. One can lose them self in the impressive attention to detail as well as the fascinating imagery Gabi’s art presents.« (The Millionaires Club)