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Letzte Nacht  | Karoline Schreiber (Green Box)

Letzte Nacht | Karoline Schreiber (Green Box)

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For more than eight years Karoline Schreiber, an artist who paints and draws, continuously and consistently works on her comprehensive illustrative work-cycle. Drawing is her long term companion and has developed into an autonomous and distinctive visual language within her oeuvre.
Last Night unites a selection of over 400 of more than 3000 of her drawings in an artist book. Referring to the écriture automatique, the drawings develop from a method that the artist calls „automatic drawing“. Therein she allows the intuitive, unplanned and subconscious to emerge. Schreiber works with a self-defined principle according to which she makes at least one drawing a day in the same book. Last Nightuncovers her attitude towards drawing: imperfection and abysses are voluptuously thermatized in reference to surrealism, be it as occasionally placed image motifs or rambling narrative pictoral inventions. She uses the explicit language of Pop and Comic and expands the pictoral world with linguistic elements – simple questions, statements, assessments – by an enigmatic component.
The artist book is an ode to drawing that bears infinite possibilities and is unsuspiciously able to carry off the spectator to a parallel universe. It also holds unexpected opportunities of escapism for the drawer herself. The illustration in its individual straightforwardness as such in the context of the nowadays fast moving „picture-taking“ with digital devices is of central importance for Karoline Schreiber. Last Nightgathers a selection of the artist's illustrative works, recollections of her dreams, together with some of her paintings.
Including texts by Sarah Merten and Samuel Herzog.
468 pages
430 illustrations
120 x 160 mm
hard cover, cloth bound
Anja Lutz
The Green Box, Berlin 2015
ISBN 978-3-941644-78-6