La Tranchée Racine : issues 01 to 10 (UDA)

La Tranchée Racine : issues 01 to 10 (UDA)

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The whole set !!

10 issues -> 112 pages

Huge newspaper size !

1,6 kg of crême de la crême underground graphic !

La Tranchée Racine Hebdomadaire 
issue one to 10 


Each issue is :

47,5 x 66 cm

12 pages

published in Paris, 2020

featuring : Damien Deroubaix, Dakichi Amano, Stephane Blanquet, Arnaud Loumeau, Julien Brunet, Rebecka Tollens, Les Krims, Jonathon Rosen, Romain Slocombe, Daisuke Ichiba, and many many more...


La Tranchée Racine is United Dead Artists' graphic periodic: a giant (47,5 x 66 cm) 12 pages black & white newspaper. Gathering images, strips, photographs and texts selected by Stéphane Blanquet (who illustrate all the issues' front covers), La Tranchée Racine reflects the publishing house's raw identity. Each issue presents the works of more than forty authors in a rough yet meticulous display. Special issues are either dedicated to one particular author or full-page publication.