Jimbo’s inferno | Gary Panter (Fantagraphics)

Jimbo’s inferno | Gary Panter (Fantagraphics)

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ISBN 978-1560976912

Limbo's Inferno is a 2006 graphic novel created by Gary Panter and published by Fantagraphics Books. The "inferno" is a Los Angeles mall named Focky Bocky. The contents are from Jimbo #7, reformatted to fit the dimensions of its prequel story, Jimbo in Purgatory.

Panter is a legend of independent comics; considered the father of punk comics, he has influenced many, including Matt Groening, and warped the look of children's television with his sets for Pee Wee's Playhouse. Jimbo's Inferno is the prequel to his critically acclaimed Jimbo in Purgatory, which came out in 2004. Inferno originally appeared as part of a short-lived line of art comics published by Groening, but here it's been reformatted to the terrifyingly deluxe oversized standards of Purgatory. Like that volume, this follows the outlines of Dante's Divine Comedy, but combines and conflates specific events, looking at them all with a satiric rock and roll flair. The erstwhile hero, Jimbo, guided by the boxlike Valise, travels into Focky Bocky, a subterranean mall that spirals downwards, containing a modern vision of hell. The art is a Boschian mishmash of grotesque and comic, all in Panter's signature proto-punk style. The dialogue borrows as much from Dante as from Lewis Carroll and Frank Zappa. Together, it is a dizzying re-envisioning of Dante. Perhaps because of its earlier format, it lacks the intricate polish that made Jimbo in Purgatory a groundbreaking comic, but as a rough sketch of twisted genius, it still amazes. (Apr.)
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