Haus Helga | Katharina Immekus (Lubok)

Haus Helga | Katharina Immekus (Lubok)

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Artist book with 100 black and white original linocuts by Katharina Immekus.

The linocut book „Haus Helga“ by Katharina Immekus comprises both home and the foreign, individuality and monotony, architecture and graphic. The hotels, inns and guesthouses all over Germany expand the line of vision in new directions - always the same sunshades in similar front gardens.
But the artist not only documents the almost bourgeois adaptation, but also portrays the individual differences of the buildings. These apparent incidentals reflect not only the architectural styles of the past decades, from timbered houses to prefabricated blocks, but also the human nature.
100 linocuts, 100 houses, 100 curiosities, 100 trivialities.

Paperback, 206 pages, 24 x 17 cm

Edition of 500
Released 2007 by Lubok Verlag, Leipzig.
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