Frau Wow | Katja Schwalenberg (Connewitzer Vlgsbuchhdlg)

Frau Wow | Katja Schwalenberg (Connewitzer Vlgsbuchhdlg)

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Fashion and cosmetics, health and fitness, lifestyle and housing, household and children, love and partnership - themes that fascinate women as well as frustrate, not just since women's magazines.
All around the woman is the 21 chapters in which the illustrator takes up the ruling stereotypes from the Little Blackman over hysteria to the topic of horse-love ironically and translates it into different graphic styles.
372 pages without explanation, because "woman wow" does not read between the lines, but is based entirely on the weight of line, color and printing black. A tribute to womanhood and the possibilities of today's design language.
"frau wow" was awarded the "Joseph Binder Award" in gold, the "red dot junior price" as well as the first prize design of the Saxon State Prize for Design and was also nominated in 2005 for the design prize of the Federal Republic of Germany.


372 pages

20,4 x 16,2 x 3,4 cm

ISBN-10: 3937799273
ISBN-13: 978-3937799278