Fossil | Benjamin Dittrich (Lubok)

Fossil | Benjamin Dittrich (Lubok)

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Artist book with 100 black and white original linocuts by Benjamin Dittrich

The focus of Benjamin Dittrich's (* 1987) artistic work lies on the relation between man and his environment. He uses discarded illustrated books, natural history books and encyclopedias as source material; he sorts data, collages and and re-arranges them in new associations. His works invite the spectator to form his own "image" of reality and to sharpen his perception. But at the same time they reveal the narrowness of human observation and understandig and illustrate the confinement of man within his own microcosm.

In his multi-coloured graphic works Benjamin Dittrich often uses the technique of reduction when the linoleum plate "disappears" more and more from printing process to printing process while more and more color gets printed on top of each other. For the artist book "Fossil" leftover linoleum plates used for those prints over the last two years have been cut up, recombined and printed in an intense black recycled to an individual work.

Cover: Cliché print
Paperback, 104 pages, 23,4 x 31,3 cm

Edition of 300
Released 03/2015 by Lubok Verlig (Leipzig)
ISBN 978-3-945111-05-5