Demoiselle | Inga Kerber (Lubok)

Demoiselle | Inga Kerber (Lubok)

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Catalogue with 10 black and white and 8 colour illustrations in offset print, with a poem by Mark Hoffmann (german)

20 x 28 cm

16 pages

edition of 400
Released 10/2021
ISBN 978-3-945111-71-0


Demoiselle, a woman or many, who is old, young, abstinent, married, ladylike in the plants, lies, stands, dances, romps, jumps, sheds her skin like a pangolin, talks to her mother and to gentlemen, spreads her legs, overstretches, kneels, sits, sleeps on the beach, comes, apologizes repeatedly, worships. And the plants, the ideas of plants, sprout in her immediate vicinity, offer the exact space intended for her, snake lovingly around her, shoot energetically away from her, bed her, grow along the edge unconcerned by her human activity, with healthy leaves, stems, trunks, seeds in the trees and on the ground. The yellow green of their growth, refreshing on pink and ocher flesh, the skin, the hair, light, dark, shorter, longer, worn loose or tied back in a ponytail, naively naked, perhaps divinely naked, a nymph, an allegory, with buttocks, with breasts, with pearls. A party in ecstasy and Zen, a nature performance, a demoiselle dans les plantes. (Fid. Fischer)