Das Grosse Tier (Bongoût)

Das Grosse Tier (Bongoût)

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Silkscreened on 200-300g white and color paper. Hand-bounded, comes in a black cardboard box.

21 x 30 cm

56 pages

Numbered edition of 145

printed in 2006.

Produced under the imprint Bongout, pre-2012

Das Grosse Tier is a compilation of various Bongoût artists’ works.

Contributing Artists:
Dwitt, USA
Nick Butcher, USA
Dr. Alderete, Mexico City, Mexico
Mike Fisher, USA
Dave 2000, Marseille, France
Anna Hellsgard, Berlin, Germany
Meeoo Gfeller, Berlin, Germany
Michael DeForge, Canada
Edu Cerro, USA
Andreas Marchal, Angouleme, France
Marie Meier, Dettwiller, Frace
Navette, Lyon, France
D.Grrr, France
Bruno Charbonnaz, Switzerland
Michael Canich, USA
Mathieu Linotte, France
Brent Wadden, Berlin, Germany
Delphine Chauvet, France

zeloot, Netherland

Benjamin Marra, USA

mathieu Desjardins, France,

Antoine Bernhart, France

Aurelien Vallade, France

Bongoût was founded in Strasbourg (France) in 1995 by Anna Hellsgard (Sweden) & Meeloo Gfeller (France) and since 2001 has been based in Berlin, Germany. Bongoût has published over 80 limited edition art books and prints and collaborated with over 100 different international artists.

The purpose of Édition Bongoûtis to bring together a collection of contemporary artists who have a particular creative, powerful, fresh, arrogant, hedonistic, decadent, disturbing and extravagant vision and aesthetic. Fresh, creative, provocative artwork for a grown-up audience who desire lush immediacy. Bongoût means good taste in French and in this particular case Bongout equals a silkscreen powerhouse pushing the aesthetic and technical limits of the medium.