Crime Dog | Blexbolex (No Brow)

Crime Dog | Blexbolex (No Brow)

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in very good condition !

English version 

13,5 x 21

40 pages

publishes in 2012


‎ISBN 978-0956213563

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Our private eye protagonist is framed for a heinous crime. On the wrong side of the law he runs for his life amid a conspiracy that will set off a war to ravage the land. Printed in three spot colors, a style that Blexbolex has become so famous for.


Blexbolex is a multi-award winning French book illustrator working out of Leipzig. His stylish and original work has been featured in Popo Color, Fusée, Ferraille and Comix 2000 (Fantagraphics). His experimental approach to combining illustration with industrial printing techniques and a depth of understanding of the book production processes makes him a true pioneer in his field. For Nobrow he has worked on his first two English language books, Abecederia and Dog Crime with his latest project, No Man’s Land, set to be published later this year. In 2009, he received a prize for “Best Book Design of the World” for his L'Imagier des gens (2008) at the Book Fair of Leipzig.