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Crap Hound 7 - Church & State

Crap Hound 7 - Church & State

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Give thanks and praise to the clip-art Gods, Crap Hound #7 has arrived, edited and
designed by Sean Tejaratchi, Crap Hound is the seminal mixture of social commentary
and somewhat overindulgent graphic design. This issue is jam-packed with thousands
of crisp, clear black & white images of eagles, flags, fireworks, crosses, crucifixes,
rosaries, preachers, patriots, choirboys, angels, devils, sinners, temptations, democrat
donkeys & republican elephants, good citizens praying, saluting and voting, Abe
Lincolns, George Washingtons, Ben Franklins, Uncle Sams, Statues of Liberty, BVMs
and a plethora of Jesuses, and as if that's not enough there's also several copyright free
typefaces and some random image overload pages. This 2nd edition includes a completely new 24-page BONUS addendum crammed full of even more images!
124 pages
2nd Edition 2017