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Crap Hound 4 - Clown, Devils & Baits

Crap Hound 4 - Clown, Devils & Baits

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BACK IN PRINT, Expanded, Updated, Remastered & Revised for 2018! Crap Hound #4
is chock full of illustrations of Devils, Demons, Satans, Lucifers and Beelzebubs. They're
horned, goatee-bearded, mustachioed, pointy-eared, sharp-tailed and trident-equipped,
cloaks and cloven hooves are optional extras. Moving through a land of misrule
populated by Harlequins, fools, jokers and jesters we arrive in Clownland, and meet
every imaginable type of clown: Happy clowns, sad clowns, scary clowns, cheerful
clowns, adult clowns, kiddie clowns, product-endorsing clowns, circus clowns, killer
clowns, clown dolls and animal clowns. And there's a let's-go-fishin section with a
multitude of images of Bait, Lures, Fishooks, Worms, and Maggots (please don't ask
why.) Plus there's some hand-drawn typefaces and several pages of anything-goes
eye-candy. This expanded reprint has an addendum with 20 completely new pages!

3rd Edition

120 pages