Kaputtnik | Paule Hammer (Lubok Verlag)

Kaputtnik | Paule Hammer (Lubok Verlag)

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Catalogue with 41 colour illustrations in offset print, designed by M21N (Philipp Neumann, Karen Laube) and Alexey Malygin
with numerous texts (german)
Six folded sheets (38x49 cm) held by elastic band in coloured folding jacket

19,5 x 25 cm

edition of 500
Released 08/2020
ISBN 978-3-945111-60-4


Released on the occasion of the solo exhibition »Kaputtnik« at Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, from 27/11/2019 until 19/7/2020.

with texts by Paule Hammer and Jonas Asendorpf, Sophia Eisenhut, Jakob Friedl, Lou Haux, Florian Hesselbarth, Thomas Janitzky, Katrin Kimuanga, Katrin Klietsch
with photographs by Walther Le Kon 

In Paule Hammer’s memories of his childhood the »Kaputtnik« emerges for the first time as dysfunctional but vigorous character. In 2019 Hammer’s idee of this character is taking shape at Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig – in the form of a childlike predator with a human head bearing the features of legendary German actor Klaus Kinski. This is where the adventurous journey of Paule Hammer and his guests begins. In search of meaning and absurdity they invite the audience to explore worlds of human experiences. The catalogue documents the genesis and development of the »Kaputtnik« in encounters, talks, and dreams.