Juju Jinx | Antoine Bernhart (Timeless)

Juju Jinx | Antoine Bernhart (Timeless)

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Published by Timeless – 2022  France
17 x 24 cm

276 pages in b&w


limited Edition of 300

Nearly 15 years after his Skull Skool series, Antoine Bernhart returns with Johnny Skull and his brand new skeleton army. But wait, there’s more, much more. The cast of Antoine’s intimate theatre of cruelty features a priapic Elvis, disturbing Wild Ones, sleazy folk bands, fiendish cowboys, shibari masters at their best, an extra-lustful Bettie Page, dead and undead famous rock’n’rollers including the ones Antoine worked for (The MeteorsTall BoysThe Cramps,…).

The sick and sexy dark ink from Antoine Bernhart will inevitably cast a spell on you.

Foreword by Nick Garrard of Psychobilly scene fame