The Collected Fanzines | Harmony Korine (Drag City)

The Collected Fanzines | Harmony Korine (Drag City)

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 344 pages

15 x 22  cm

Soft cover


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Film director Harmony Korine, whose work includes "Gummo," "Julien Donkey Boy," and most recently "Mister Lonely," has also worked in the field of graphic art, releasing the books "A Crack Up at the Race Riots" and "Pass the Bitch Chicken" in the past decade. Before those books, he and fellow artist Mark Gonzales put together limited run fanzines to be sold out of the Alleged and Andrea Rosen galleries in New York City. This softcover book collects all eight zines with all original content included. For many, it will be the first time these jarring words and images have been seen.