Det Norske Huset (Flamme Forlag)

Det Norske Huset (Flamme Forlag)

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208 pages
Fotographies from Jens Hauge
Design Yokoland
ISBN 9788202336028
Published in 2010


In Det norske huset, Frode Grytten and Jens Hauge go back to the basics in terms of construction. To the first building: the log cabin. The one that everyone can travel. Where everyone can live. Where all you need is a hungry saw. A place off the beaten track. Beyond the housing market. Where the Nikkei index can take a turn. And the policy rate does not control anything.

But the log cabin is also a lookout point. A place for overview. A place in the forest where the adult world becomes visible. With its architects, estate agents and cottage-building millionaires.