Charles Burns (m-museum)

Charles Burns (m-museum)

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 Used, in very good condition. (the cover wears some little shelve marks because it’s mat. Inside mint)

Extremely rare book

Published by M-Museum in Leuven

forword by  Joost Swarte

28 x 25 cm

150 pages



This is the artbook that every Burns' collector want! really  amazing!
Hardcover soft to the touch great format 25,5 x 28,5 full color big introduction and the most detailed biography ever 150 pages in thick paper there are all (or almost all) drawing published scattered in the many magazine and books of his carrer toys -poster and many other unpublished drawing a mosthave!!! I post some photo to give you an idea , wonderful! This book was printed in 2000 copies , but it was fastly sold out , because was a really important international show in a famous Museum in Holland , and the expo was held for 3 months.


!! Only one copy available!!



Charles Burns is an American comic artist, known for his otherworldly horror comics. His instantly recognizable drawings combine crisp, highly stylized linework with dark, disturbing imagery. Burns’ visual power is matched by his strong storytelling abilities. Although he acknowledges his fascination for "weird stuff", his stories still are among the most captivating and intriguing graphic novels ever created. His works are veritable page-turners with plot lines that reveal deeper, psychological themes upon re-reading. Stories like 'Dog Boy' (1981), 'Teen Plague' (1989), 'Skin Deep' (1992) and his magnum opus 'Black Hole' (1994-2005) delve deep in teenage angst about body transformations and sexually transmitted diseases. Despite the psychological and sometimes semi-autobiographical nature of his work, Burns still likes to throw in some black comedy occasionally. And while the haunting element is never far away, not all of his comics can be categorized as horror. Besides stand-alone stories, he also created the long-running series 'Big Baby' (1982), 'El Borbah' (1983), 'Black Hole' (1994-2005) and 'X'ed Out' (2010-2012).


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