Apocalypse Culture 2 | Adam Parfrey (Feral House)

Apocalypse Culture 2 | Adam Parfrey (Feral House)

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Larger Format Paperback featuring contributions by Stu Mead, Beth Love, Adam Parfrey, Chris Campion, Boyd Rice, Peter Sotos…

1st Edition.

452 pages

22 x 16 cm

soft cover

ISBN 978-0922915576

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A sequel to the ground-breaking 1987 analysis of apocalypse culture continues to explore this fascinating and trenchant topic, focusing on biological warfare, taboo art, sexual fetishism, corporate manipulation, sexual slavery, creepy pop stars, and other evidence that the old order is rapidly crumbling. Original. 

Adam Parfrey's astonishing, un-put-downable and absolutely brilliant compilation...will blow a hole through your mind the size of JonBenet’s fist. -- Jerry Stahl

I believe that the compendious and beautifully executed Apocalypse Culture II does break all remaining taboos! --
Nick Tosches

I write books, I read books, and Apocalypse Culture II is the best book I have ever read. --
Richard Meltzer