Alles in Ordnung | Ella Ziegler (Revolver Publishing)

Alles in Ordnung | Ella Ziegler (Revolver Publishing)

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Hard cover, published in Berlin, Germany 2012

 First edition

21 x 29 cm

228 pages

German and English texts

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ALLES IN ORNDUNG ? at last! In this overview work ALLES IN ORDUNG Ella Ziegler has collected and sorted her artistic output into encyclopedic and alphabetic order. In the spirit of a studium generale, the artist has observed, documented, researched and described everyday phenomena and interacted with her immediate surroundings. Alongside context-related interventions and their documentation, texts, and research, for the first time she is also showcasing the found objects and photographs that have accompanied her practice over the years. In this subjective encyclopedia the artist lays out her personal vision and understanding of the world.

The book contains artistic interventions by Ingo Gerken, Sofia Hultén, Gernot Wieland, Lucy Powell and Lena Ziese.

ISBN 978-3-86895-209-4