Lucifer Rising (pantone) | Hendrik Henray (Nieves)

Lucifer Rising (pantone) | Hendrik Henray (Nieves)

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Lucifer Rising (Pantone)

Hendrik Hegray

16 Pages
19,5 x 25,5 cm
Color Offset
First Edition 2008
ISBN 978-3-905714-48-7


Hendrik Hegray (Limoges, France 1981) works and lives in Paris. His influences are cartoons, 90's video-games, abstract pictures, Eye's Boredoms covers and 80's horror movies. He has published self-made zines for the last ten years (Super Kasher, Télérama, etc.), has worked with publishers like FLTMSTPC (Frédéric Magazine) and Nieves, and collaborated with artists like Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture), Mehdi Hercberg (Shoboshobo) Kerozen, Jelle Crama and Dennis Tyfus. Hegray co-runs the graphic zine Nazi-Knife with Jonas Delaborde since 2006 and plays in differents musical projects like Helicoptère Sanglante or the free-noise band Minitel with members of Sister Iodine.