Wandering off | Lara Dhondt (Art Paper Edition)

Wandering off | Lara Dhondt (Art Paper Edition)

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Lara Dhondt

21 x 28 cm

48 pages


text inEnglish
ISBN 9789490800185

edition of 500
November 2013


Dhondt’s method of working is intensive and comprises various stages of documentation. Via Google Maps she marks places where she leaves her sculptures in public spaces. The locations of both her creations and her photography can be traced through the coordinates via internet and physical maps. Her consistent and methodical way of working, along with the creative process that takes place exclusively in the outdoor space as well as the documenting of that process is firmly rooted in movements such as Land Art and conceptual art of the 1960s and 70s. Dhondt’s work is a kind of monument to temporariness. The constructions are based on the dimensions of personal space. These spatial demarcations and primary sculptures become altered into nomadic symbols, so to speak, and function as poetic podia for resistance. Dhondt is resisting the current financial and, above all, moral crisis with a call for humaneness and a search for meaning. Lara Dhondt (Turnhout, 1979) lives in Antwerp and works with the urban landscape. She makes use of various media in her work, such as photography, installation, video, typography and performance.