International Situationistes (Bibliothèque Fantastique)

International Situationistes (Bibliothèque Fantastique)

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 In good condition (some little knicks in some of the zines, see pictures)

Facsimile !

Rare copyright free edition of the original 12 Bulletins de l’internationale situationiste (1964)

published by la Bibliotheque Fantastique

12 xerox zines in a Box (21 x 15 cm)  

Collection of revues of the Internationale Situationniste, 1958-1969, Internationale Situationniste.

!!only one copy available !!



La Bibliothèque Fantastique is an artist’s books virtual publisher. Our books are free and downloadable from the internet so that you can print them at home. Most of our books are exclusive productions. The others are reeditions of works who are free of any kind of rights. The purpose of LBF is to offer a view on books expressed by books themselves. Its works are made of excerpts of other works, with pages, sentences and words met in a stroke of good fortune.

La Bibliothèque Fantastique is a minimalist publisher in the sense that all the superfluous has been removed. Indeed, the books of LBF have no predetermined physical existence, they exist in a state of potentiality on the web, awaiting to become. They cost nothing, you can get them without spending a penny. They have no ISBN either, because they are works of art. They have no color, so that they can be printed in any printer. That's what LBF books don’t have, which is almost more important than what they do, because our approach is conceived as a negative of that which is habitually proposed by the market spectacle society. The idea is to show various poetic singularities as opposed to the flashy commodities which our society feeds us.

What the LBF books do have is above all a great freedom of content, revealing a very large and global conception of art. They contain all forms of expression usually found in print, i.e., drawing and photographs, as well as essays, novels, journalistic investigations etc..