Nach der Wahrheit | Björn Behrens (Revolver)

Nach der Wahrheit | Björn Behrens (Revolver)

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96 pages

34 x 28 cm


isbn 978-3957632432

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The artist book consists of three different photography series MEMENTO MORIENDUM ESSE 2012 In this five-part series, shot in dark locations, the photographer uses a hard light flash to capture the reflections of shiny leather jackets on the backs of various men. TROST DER ANDEREN / CONSOLATION OF THE OTHERS 2010 This series consists of 12 photographs. The images of six boys and of six dogs are set out in a kaleidoscope-like circle on a black-painted wall. Within the installation, the viewer notices associations or pairings between the two groups; these, however, are quickly cancelled out by a network of other associative possibilities. Whenever one thinks one has found a way to classify the images by form or content, one notices an irregularity, a break in the classification system. The dogs provide a hard contrast to the grainy, almost rough, images of the boys. However, both humans and animals appear to blur into their dark surroundings. BASED ON TRUTH 2013 – 2014 All photos in this three-part series were shot at night. The first part shows four images of flying seagulls opposite six images of burnt-out cars. In the second part, two exterior views of high-seat hunting platforms are juxtaposed with two interior views of the same platforms. The outdoor views were photographed with an infrared security camera, which is normally used by hunters to document the animal population. It can be triggered only by a movement that takes place in front of it. For the interior views, the high seat was converted into a pinhole camera. The final part of the Based on Truth series shows four images of the empty gallery in which the pictures are to be presented. Texts: Yvonne Bialek and Dr. Ingmar Lähnemann