A Voyage Fantastic | Otto (Ottographic)

A Voyage Fantastic | Otto (Ottographic)

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Screen printed picture book

13 x 13.5 cm

This science fiction fantasy is inspired by the movies 'The incredibly shrinking man' (1957) and 'A fantastic voyage' (1966). My story goes further in terms of what would happen if a human were to shrink indefinitely beyond the size of an atom. The narrative is a universe zoom that ends where it begins.

A Voyage Fantastic is the third in a series of ‘Cross-cut fold’ formats. This leporello type book structure is an original registered design.

The 'textblock' is contained by 3 sheets of printed grey board, joined, hinged and cornered with cloth tape.

Text, illustrations and design by ottoGraphic, printed at MSP

Signed edition of 50